Understanding the SEC’s Tailored Shareholder Reports Ruling

DFIN understands that this ruling may have a variety of impacts to your business and we know that comes with uncertainty and increased scrutiny. You can rest assured that DFIN is the right partner along this journey and will help you conquer the operational challenges that Tailored Shareholder Reports may uncover.

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The Tailored Shareholder Reports Ruling and what it means for you

The SEC has finalized the Tailored Shareholder Reports Ruling. Discover what this means for your business and how DFIN can ensure your complete readiness ahead of the July 2024 compliance date.

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Significant Industry Transformation

Impacting nearly 12,000 funds & ETF's and 32,000 share classes, the SEC's Tailored Shareholder Reports rule presents significant operational changes to the industry in multiple compliance areas as demonstrated here. Seeing how it compares to previous SEC rules illustrates the depth, breadth and timing impacts of this ruling.

  • Funds / VIP
  • New filed document
  • Share class level reporting
  • iXBRL
  • Web hosting enhancements
  • Layered disclosure
  • EDGAR changes
  • ADA recommended
  • Summary Pro 2010
  • Both
  • Phased in
  • 30e-3 Notice and Access 2021
  • Both
  • 498A VIP Summary Pro 2021
  • VIP
  • Phased in
  • Tailored Shareholder Reports 2024
  • Both

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DFIN offers an end-to-end solution for the Tailored Shareholder Reports Ruling

DFIN’s Arc Suite® is the industry’s leading end-to-end regulatory, reporting, legal, filing and distribution platform.

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