DFIN Guide to Effective Proxies, 9th Edition

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Design with a Purpose

Our Guide to Effective Proxies – 9th Edition, is a searchable catalog of innovative and shareholder-friendly proxy disclosures, drawn from the public filings of DFIN’s blue-chip client base.

The guide serves as a unique tool to assist companies in transforming proxy statements from traditional compliance documents to more compelling shareholder communications.

In this Guide, you'll discover how to:

  • Use design, branding and visual elements to make this required annual disclosure more engaging and impactful to investors
  • Make the proxy a one-stop-shop of relevant information, saving investors time and effort
  • Humanize executive leadership and the board, highlighting diversity and key qualifications – including the new Nasdaq Board Diversity Rules
  • Demonstrate board oversight of a growing array of traditional and emerging risks and opportunities, including ESG and Human Capital Management
  • Tell the executive compensation and pay-for-performance story, effectively
  • Strike the right balance between the print/physical, and digital/online proxies to meet the needs of a varied audience

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