ESG Board Oversight Takes Center Stage - 2022 Proxy Season Recap
Webinar Replay
The 2022 proxy season was dominated by the investor interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), sustainability and Human Capital Management (HCM) issues, and related board oversight.

We have gathered a panel of experts to discuss their experiences, while presenting examples of innovative proxy disclosures, rapidly evolving in this new environment of increased board oversight of ESG.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Trends in board oversight over climate-related and ESG disclosures – The SEC proposed climate-related and ESG rulemaking would require detailed disclosure about board oversight of climate-related risk including, but not limited to.
  • Identify board members or board committees responsible for oversight on climate-related risk
  • The process and frequency by which any board member or board committee, discuss climate-related risk, including how the board is informed about climate-related risk
  • Whether and how, the board (or any board committees) considers climate-related risk as part of its business strategy, risk management and financial oversight
  • Why – and which – Environmental and Social shareholder proposals are achieving record support as investors continue to focus on long term sustainability
  • How activists are capitalizing upon perceived ESG and reporting weakness in selecting their targets and refining their tactics
  • Given this environment, strategies for 2022 engagement and 2023 proxy season planning
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